Food: Friday

Since the very beginnings of the church, we have remembered Jesus with food, food that we eat and share in community, and we have remembered Jesus as food, food that sustains us, and becomes part of our very being. Eating this food together, we become the body of Christ.

– The Rev. Becky Zartman

Way of Love: Daily Practice

Eat a meal with someone you may not know or normally eat with.
Use a phone or video call to connect with someone during these isolating times.

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  1. Jeanne DeFazio on March 20, 2020 at 9:00 am

    This week, a friend of stayed overnight on return to Oregon from Los Angeles. At this point the scarcity of toilet paper was a reality. I gave a box of Kleenex as an emergency resource when she left. When she arrived home, she let me know after two days she was able to find toilet paper at the grocery store. In these times of lockdown and scarcity, these reflections are a stream in the desert. I send them out to encourage and support others. You are sharing the gospel during challenging times. People who would harden their hearts are taking a second look at these devotionals and texts. These gifts of spiritual sustenance during a time of scarcity is reaching those who would look away during times of plenty! God is calling the lost to Him through this time of trouble. Thanks for providing this spiritual resource.

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